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Cool Dog facts! We will answer all your questions about dogs plus requests, giving you plenty of fun facts about dogs! We can find an answer for all those little questions that we punctually ask ourselves, for example how to calculate a dog’s age, why dogs lick their Masters. We can also learn to understand the language of dogs and many other fun facts about the world of dogs. Whether they are purebreds or not doesn’t matter, our four-legged friends are simply extraordinary and certainly full of delicious secrets and strange habits; we are sure that you haven’t heard of all the fun canine facts were going to talk about!

For example, do you know how and how long dogs sleep and what their favorite positions are? Do you know what are the most famous dogs in history or how dogs see? And who knows how many other things you ask yourselves without getting any answer- this is why we are here! There will be ample space for your curiosity, to which we will try to give clear and comprehensive answers. Follow us and we will reveal all the secrets of the canine world!

understanding dog language

Understanding dog language | Dog body language and Vocalizations

We often here that the only things our dogs are missing is the power of speech. In fact the dog language is not so devoid of...
where should dogs sleep

Where should dogs sleep? Our armchairs or a doghouse?

Where should dogs sleep? The “dog on the armchair” is a classic. Anyone who has shared much of their life with a dog knows...
Apologetic Dog Behavior

Apologetic Dog Behavior- How do dogs say they are sorry?

Even dogs ask for forgiveness, both to one another and to their human being. For example, if a person may scold a dog because...
dogs and cats together

Can dogs and cats live happily together? Tips for living together!

Often the famous saying " fighting like cats and dogs " is worthless, despite their differences; Dogs and cats can live happy without any problems, unlike many two-legged...
domestication of the dog

The process of domestication of the dog: from the wild wolf to today

Scientists are not yet entirely clear how and when the domestication of the dog happened. The origins of the age-old friendship between dog and man are lost in the...
territorial dog

Territorial dogs and the defense of canine territory inside a pack

To talk about the territorial dogs we need to talk about canine ethology and carefully observe dog behavior in a pack. For our four...
how to pet a dog

How to pet a dog | Where do dogs like to be pet?

Often we assume that stroking a dog, petting him, or otherwise interacting with him through physical contact is always interpreted by our friend as a...
dominant dog behavior

Dominant Dog Behavior: Advice on what to do

Most humans do not realize that with their body language, gestures and habits tell their four-legged friend: " ok, you command and we will obey you." Here,...
canine sixth sense

Canine sixth sense… Is it true that dogs have a sixth sense?

Does the canine sixth sense exist? When it comes to a sixth sense , we’re talking about something almost paranormal, even though science is becoming more...
dog nervous around strangers

Dog nervous around strangers? What does science say!

We always trust our friends! If we have a dog that is towards strangers, there is always an underlying reason; in most cases, the dog is suspicious towards...