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All cat breeds with photos and descriptions! We will discover the physical characteristics of long-haired cat breeds, like Persian cats and Siberian cats, and short-haired cat breeds, such as the beautiful Carthusian cat and the much loved Siamese cat. We will also learn about of the amazing giant cat breeds and analyze the characteristics of all feline breeds. We will discover what differentiates a breed from another and which instead they share, special features, characteristics and the physicality of every breed, the ancestors from which they inherited every single peculiarity and much more.

We will discover how vast the feline world is, and how much our adored kitties have in common with the big felines who are as scary as they are fascinating. We will research breed standards in every detail and discover where and how is best to buy healthy one. Finally we will learn that every breed has been spread out through time and space to a different extent, we will see where and how it is possible to find a particular breed of cat.