Does your dog eat grass and then vomit? Let’s find out why dogs eat grass

dog eat grass

Aren’t our four legged friends carnivores? Why do dogs eat grass and then vomit ? Let’s clarify this together and find out why dogs eat grass

Why does the dog eat grass? Aren’t they carnivores?

Dogs are the descendents of wolves, of this there is no doubt, it is the incontrovertible truth! However, with the passing of time our four-legged friends, in close contact with man, have become omnivorous. In addition, each dog breed has its own characteristics, including nutrition. For example, the lupoids or any of the dogs with a pronounced wolf influence in their DNA (German Shepherd, Czechoslovakian Wolves , etc …) are definitely more carnivorous than other dog breeds .

Obviously exceptions always exist, there may be other breeds especially predisposed to meat consumption, as there might be some lupoids oriented much more towards plant-rich nutrition; in any case one thing is certain: all dogs eat grass.

why dogs eat grass

Why Dogs Eat Grass

It is an ancient legacy that derives from the herbivorous prey of our dog’s wolf ancestors. Once the prey is killed, the wolf eats the meat along with the semi-digested herbs present in the stomach. There are, however, several other theories.

Some people think, for example, that the ” grazing” of their puppy is due to a food shortage; in fact this hypothesis is negated by the fact that even dogs with a balanced diet eat grass. Finally there is a theory shared by many dog ​​lovers, that dogs eat grass for purification; a hypothesis based on the fact that often and willingly dogs eats grass and then vomit. It is not a case that many dogs worship malvas, known for their  digestive and refreshing properties.

At present, therefore, it is not known with absolute certainty why dogs eat grass. The fact is that if your friend vomits only once after ingesting grass, or your dog eats grass and does not vomit, then there’s no need to worry. If the dog is vomiting throughout the day , run the vet immediately to avoid any danger of herbs and poisonous plants for dogs.

Dog eats grass and does not vomit – when to worry?

If your dog eats grass and does not vomit but is retching, which is not productive, ie  the dog hasretched but cannot vomit, then you should be worried, especially if it continues for several hours; At that point, I would remind you that you will have to seek immediate medical attention from your veterinarian.

It could be a gastritis , perhaps caused by a wrong diet or it could also be something more serious, such as ingestion of a foreign body, as well as pancreatic and liver problems. Ignoring the problem will definitely not solve it!