How to bathe a dog: first bath and how often should you wash your dog

There are so many dogs that do not want to get wet, in fact many of them are terrified of the hair dryer, too! How to bathe a dog without spend hours chasing him all over the house? First, we’ll find out when you should first bath your puppy. Then, we will find out what to wash the dog with in order to take proper care of his skin,  and finally we will find out how many times to wash the dog during the year!

How to bathe a dog and the puppy’s first bath

In order not to have a dog that is terrified of a self-service dog bath or in-store grooming, you will have to accustom your friend to the bath immediately! If you are wondering how old your dog has to be before you bathe him, know that the ideal would make him the first bath after the first 4/5 months, incentivizing him with some tasty treats, so the puppy associates the bath and dog grooming as something pleasant. Another little tip is to avoid bathing the puppy’s head the first time they get in the bath, as the puppy could get freaked out and jump out of the tub.

Understanding how to bathe a dog not only will save money, they are likely to feel more comfortable being bathed in the house than in a grooming salon. So bathing the dog in the house might be a better idea if you have a particularly nervous or fearful pup. Needless to say, if the undertaking is impossible, there are lots of grooming salons for dogs to turn to, but you can learn to do it yourself as well. Let’s see what an amateur groomer will need:

If the dog is still a puppy, a container or a tub large enough will be more than big enough, if it’s an adult dog the bathtub will be fine! If you are wondering what to wash the dog with, remember that there are a ton of hygiene products for dogs, certainly rivaling that of humans! We have dog shampoo, conditioner, perfumes, emollients and so on and so forth! A little hint:  your four-legged definitely will splash water everywhere! If you have a garden and it is summer, moving the operation outdoors is not a bad idea, if not, get yourself an apron!

dog cleaning

How to bathe a dog easily

First, before you bathe your dog, remember to prepare everything in advance without letting him see you. Our dogs are very smart, you know, and will be quick to understand what you are doing, so in case you decide to wash the dog in the bathroom, close the door and don’t let the dog see the preparations. Don’t call your dog to you, go and get him yourself so he doesn’t associate being called over with being called over to something unpleasant! Brush them and cuddle them, this will allow you to remove the larger dirt. Once you filled the tub (60 cm of water will be more than enough) accustom the dog to the water gradually, begin to wet his legs and try to distract him just as he shows the first signs of unrest.

As you and your dog get more confident in the water, start wetting his back and add the soap. Do not overdo it with the soap and above all be careful not to get soap in the eyes, ears, or mouth. Give the dog shampoo a chance to work for a few minutes and then rinse the dog well with warm water. Make sure to dry your friend well with a towel, especially the legs, and also remember to keep him away from drafts for at least one hour or so. Finally, reward your dog with lots of pampering and maybe some tidbit, this will help the next time, to associate the experience of the bath of something pleasant.

How often should you wash your dog

If you are wondering how often to bathe your dog, you’ll want to consult with a vet and be sure not to alter the PH level of your dogs skin. Still, you should wash the dog a minimum of twice a year. Washing the dog too frequently can strip the skin of its natural protection and could cause the dog to develop a skin disease, such as hair loss or dermatitis.