Dermatitis in Dogs: Causes, Symptoms, Cures and Natural Remedies

Dermatitis in Dogs

Sadly, like many of us, dogs are also particularly sensitive to skin inflammation and allergies. These disorders are called dermatitis and can damage both the fur and the skin. We discover the causes of dermatitis in dogs, the main symptoms, how to cure it, and some natural remedies against itching for dogs.

Dermatitis in dogs: Causes of itching

Dog dermatitis conditions vary greatly, they have different inflammatory processes and can be produced by causes that are very different from each other:

  • Insect, parasites and bites, in particular fleas and ticks, so-called allergic flea dermatitis (DAP). When these little pests bite our friend, they inject a small amount of saliva under the dog’s skin, causing an inflammation. Usually, parasitic dermatitis in the dog occurs with redness, hair loss or erythema;
  • Irritant substances (both natural and chemical), so-called contact dermatitis. There are two types: contact allergic dermatitis and irritable contact dermatitis;
  • Allergies in the dog: allergic reactions to allergens present in the air or in the environment;
  • Aendocrine alopecia : a hormonal disorder;
  • Improper feeding: In this case it is necessary to distinguish dog dermatitis caused by food intolerances and allergies. In addition to more classical disturbances such as itching, skin redness and hair loss; they may be accompanied by vomiting and diarrhea;
  • Stress Dermatitis: A stressed dog can scratch to the point of provoking a dermatitis;
  • Atopic dermatitis: a very subdued disease from many clinical aspects.

How to recognize dermatitis in the dog: the symptoms!

If the dog scratches too much , or more than usual, he may have contracted some form of dermatitis. The affected area gets shrunk, crumbles and skin gets hard. It could also lose fur and have some blisters with pus. When you notice these symptoms you should immediately go to the veterinarian in order to carry out all the necessary tests and to prescribe the right dermatitis therapy for dogs.

Avoid treating your dog on your own, you could do irreparable damage! This means that you will never have to use anything that is not prescribed by the veterinarian, such as human-products, emollients, etc.

Dog Dermatitis Remedies

Dog Dermatitis Remedies and What to Do

After analyzing the symptoms of dermatitis dogs and locating the cause, only the veterinarian can provide you with the right care. At a very general level the therapy consists in changing the dog’s nutrition in case of intolerance and prescription of antibiotics, antifungal drugs, anti-inflammatory drugs, antihistamines and special shampoos.

Finally, it will be necessary to monitor the dog carefully, reporting improvements or worsening of the symptoms. This will allow the veterinarian to intervene and correct the treatment if necessary. In case of dermatitis in the dog you will also need to pay attention to the environment where your four-legged friend spends his days. Let us remember that a particular product to clean the floor in the house may be the source of the problem, as well as outside the particular types of plants and herbs.

Natural remedies for dermatitis in the dog

There are also some simple and practical natural remedies against dermatitis in dogs. After you’ve checked with your vet, you can try to wash the dog’s skin with a cold decoction based on malva, chamomile and calendula. These plants all have soothing, refreshing, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory properties and can facilitate healing in case of blisters.

If the dog’s skin is very dry, pure aloe gel could be a solution, as it has highly emollient properties. Having said that, we emphasize that there are forms of dermatitis in dogs that are particularly difficult to heal, it takes a lot of patience and perseverance; it is indispensable then to follow the prescription prescribed by your vet to the letter!