Dog won’t eat kibble? What to do if your dog refuses kibble

Dog won’t eat kibble

Generally speaking, all dogs are good eaters and definitely prefer a home-cooked diet to a diet based on kibbles! Unfortunately for them, it is not always possible to cook for our four legged everyday, therefore many owners opt for dry food , which is much more practical and fast; but is something not very welcome for the most refined canine palates! So let’s find out what to do if the dog does not eat kibble and try to find some tricks to make kibble more palatable!

Why won’t my dog eat kibble?

To say that our friends particularly love dry dog ​​food would be really a lie. It is no coincidence that many brands use appetizing additives to make the kibble tastier . If, moreover, your friend is used to a home cooked food for dogs, he will be very reluctant to eat kibble … and how can you blame him?

Therefore if for convenience you decide to go from cooked to dog kibble, be sure that the palate of your furry friend will soon make you notice his disappointment ..

What to do if the dog does not eat kibble

In a dog-based dietkeeping the freshness of the kibble is of fundamental importance; be sure to always close the package well once opened. To make the kibble more palatable, there are different strategies; among the most used we find the addition of parmesan cheese, mixing in minced meat or fish (tuna or mackerel in water), or combine the kibble with wet food for dogs.

However, our friends are really smart guys; in fact, some of them are very good at avoiding the kibble and eating everything else. But do not worry, we have a solution for even the most astute canine … It is known that dogs eat more with their sense of smell than with taste. That said, if your dog has to eat a specific type of kibble (for example there are intolerant dogs that have to follow a specific diet) you can adopt the trick of dry meat.

Take a jar and insert inside the kibble with dried meat and seal it up and let it sit for 24 hours, in order to impregnate the kibble with the smell of meat. If you prefer, you can also prepare dry meat for dogs at home! You will have to get some slices of beef, put them on a baking sheet with baking paper and cook for about 15 minutes at 220 degrees. Once ready, turn off the oven and open it slightly in order to circulate the air, let it cool and cut into small pieces!

You will see that if you follow these little tips, surely you will no longer have the problem of the dog that does not eat kibble ; they will be so tasty that they will devour them in a few minutes!