How to feed your dog and have control over their food habits

How to feed your dog

When you see those videos on pet social media, in which dogs patiently wait their turn until their master gives them the OK to eat you’ll never fail to see feedback from users who consider the food ritual or control of feeding the same as an abuse. In fact, the ritual of food is the basis of the strategy to promote and consolidate the alliance between humans and furry friends. In addition, the dog’s behavior provides power over the group whose rules about access to food are very rigid and are taught by the group itself. When the latter fails it is our duty to know how to feed the dog properly!

How should your dog eat?

During the ritual of food, the dog should not have the impression that he needs to conquer his food, nor that we are trying to take it from him. In addition, dogs should not have to wait their turn to eat and should not think that they can come to us whenever they want to ask for more food …

Finally, if you avoid feeding your dog from the table, you can avoid bad habits that may clash with the integration of the dog in the human world.

How to feed the dog properly

If you want to learn how to feed the dog in the nicest possible way, you just need to follow these simple steps:

  • Ask your dog to sit;
  • See to it that he stands still as you lower the bowl;
  • Place the dog bowl on the ground without the dog jumping on it;
  • Invite the dog to eat by saying “go” or simply “eat”;
  • Move away to let him eat in peace.

As for the second and third point, you must keep the dog bowl in hand, and as you move, lift it immediately! Soon he will learn that if he wants to eat has to wait for the “go”! Needless to say, that if you follow these little tips, you can bring your dog to a restaurant or any other dining area, getting compliments from everyone for his impeccable manners!