What to feed your dog, how much and how often…

what to feed your dog

An important factor in feeding our four-legged friends is to know how much an adult dog needs to eat and how much a puppy should eat. We find the recommended doses and how many times a day your dog should eat.

How much to feed your dog

As a rule, an adult dog should eat about 30/40 grams of wet food every day for every kg of its weight. As for dry food , the amount differs since dog kibble is much more concentrated, though the general advice is about 10g / kg. These values ​​are estimated, and always remember that every dog ​​has its own metabolism, so the amount can vary according to their breed and lifestyle. It is always advisable to follow the advice of a good dog nutritionist.

It is also important to determine what a dog needs to eat for each meal and how long he will have to finish it. The dog’s meal should be consumed within 15 minutes, and after the 15 minutes has passed you will have to remove the bowl, even if the dog does not eat. In the latter case, simply offer him the food again at his next meal.

Dog doesn’t want to eat? What to do

If the dog loses his appetite the problem may be simple and resolve in a few day. If the problem persists,  remember that the first thing to do is take your dog to the veterinarian for a careful visit to determine the cause of the problem.

Another little note … Do not watch him while eating, it’s a matter of hierarchy! Let’s remember that the alpha wolf eats first, while everyone else waits for their turn. If your dog is distressed and comes over to you, bring him to his bowl and invite it to eat. Obviously, the latter must be placed in a place that is free from stimuli and noise.

what a dog needs to eat

How many times a day should you feed your adult dog

An adult dog must consume a minimum of two meals a day; one in the morning and one in the evening, always without exceeding the doses advised by the nutritionist. It is important to split up the amount of daily dog ​​food during the day; for example if a dog should eat 200 gr of food per day don’t give your dog 190g in the morning and 10g in the evening, but spread it out evenly- 100 and 100g.

How many times a day should a puppy eat

A puppy must eat at least 4/5 times a day, so he must eat little and often. Once he gets big you can feed him two meals a day.

What should a dog eat?

Before answering the question it is important to remember that healthy dog ​​food must be varied and with the right amount of protein, carbohydrates and vegetables. It is therefore advisable to divide the dog’s meal into 40% meat, 40% carbohydrates and the remaining 20% ​​vegetables. Always pay attention to food forbidden to dogs, there are special foods to avoid such as onion, chocolate garlic, etc.

As for the choice of the dog’s diet , we’ve already compared some commerical dog foods, homemade dog food, the barf diet and other tasty homemade recipes for dogs , so you have the luxury of choice!

As we have already pointed out earlier, remember that only a good dog nutritionist can recommend the right nutrition for your four-legged friend by taking into consideration his age, dog health , metabolism, and lifestyle.