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All about dogs and their beautiful puppies. There are also many tips on how to teach a puppy and care for an adult dog. We will learn all about dogs: how to understand dogs and listen to them, and how to construct a wonderful relationship with our four-legged friends! We will also discover the fundamental importance of the time we spend playing with our dogs and sporting activities we do together, like disc dog or dog walking!

The long walks are very important, but we must try to understand which and how much exercise is best suited to our dog in particular, and starting from the assumption that the time spent with our furry friends is never wasted time, we must also try to understand what may be the best dog breed for each of us if we are still trying to decide. We will learn together to show affection to our dogs, to take care of them and to give them the right amount of time to exercise but also to play, and we will happily discover that the activities we do with our dogs are by no means a waste of time and can also serve to cement a relationship that is already strong per se. In addition to the fact that every minute spent paying attention to our dog is always rewarded with a wonderful smile at the end of the day!

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