Holidays with your dog, where to go on vacation with Fido?

Holidays with your dog

When it comes to taking a vacation, one of the biggest concerns for pet lovers is to find out where to go on vacation with the dog without leaving your best four-legged friend home alone… actually traveling with the dog and finding hotels that accept dogs doesn’t have to be a nightmare; you need only have a minimum of foresight by asking the right questions to the hotel facilities. There are tons of different vacation ideas to suit every taste: beach holidays with your dog, relaxing in various cottages, mountain vacations with your dog, and more! Let us give you some advice on taking a vacation with your dog!

Where to go on vacation with your dog

Vacationing with your dog can be great, but requires some pretty thorough planning. So when you call to a pet friendly vacation facility, make sure it isn’t one of those places that requires you to keep your dog outside or in a cage overnight, especially if your dog is not used to being crated or caged- because he might get stressed beyond measure and cry all night!

The seaside holiday with your dog

If you decide to take a beach holiday with the dog (perhaps the most difficult choice), be sure to find a hotel close to a dog beach; but be careful! There are beaches for dogs that attract the attention of dog lovers by promising access to the beach for the dog, although what they really mean is that your pup will be tied to an umbrella without even being able to take a dip! This kind of policy is likely one of deterrence, because no human being who loves their dog would keep them all day in such conditions, that is, suffering the heat with the risk of heat stroke.

In other cases, pets are accepted but only a limited number of them, so if you arrive late you risk being turned away. This even applies to access to the water! Finally, pay attention to municipal regulations (especially in Italy, where there are an absurd number of regulations) such as in the case of Sardinia, where it’s almost always forbidden to bring dogs to the beach (and you might get stuck with a fine!) but where cows, goats, and sheep are welcome to graze. In other words, cows sheep and goats are allowed, but not your dog!

Vacation with your dog

Vacation with your dog in the mountains

As for the countryside and the mountains, the situation is better and easier than going to the beach with the dog. Again, be careful, and make sure you can keep the dog in the hotel. Taking a mountain vacation with the dog currently remains the best solution for several reasons:

  • Themountain dog can explore his favorite places like forests, meadows and long stretches where he can run happily;
  • You can usually travel by car with the dog, avoiding the problems of travelling with pets onflights or trains
  • You canrent a vacation house with a garden that will not cost too much

Finally, always remember that a well-behaved dog is welcome everywhere!