Traveling with your dog: what to bring on vacation?

Traveling with your dog

Ready to travel with the dog and spend an incredible vacation together? Have you thought about Fido’s suitcase? What should you put in? Did you remember everything? Let’s see if you have not forgotten anything, so you can enjoy with Fido holiday and relax!

Traveling with your dog | Documents required

Before you go on vacation with your dog it is preferable to make an appointment with the vet and check that all his vaccinations are current. Do not forget, that many railway and shipping companies require all vaccinations required by law.

Regarding the documents, we see what are the essentials:

  • Canine registry certificate (if applicable)
  • Dog health booklet;
  • Certificate of good health;
  • rabies certificate;
  • Dog passport.

Pet First Aid Kit

Do not forget the first aid medicine! Have your veterinarian prescribe before starting your vacation and you will be ready for any eventuality:

  • Antibiotic for broad-spectrum dogs;
  • Milk enzymes for dogs to restore the bacterial flora in the case eat something they shouldn’t;
  • Flea and tick medication;
  • Tweezers for ticks (useful if you know how to use them).

dog friendly vacation

Tips for traveling with your dog

If you plan to travel with your dog in the car and you have one dog, it is not compulsory to use a carrier- you can simply have them sit in the backseat and secure them with a dog seatbelt, which is easily purchase online. If you have more than one dog, you’ll want to secure them in a crate. Now on to the essential dog accessories for a dog vacation:

  • Obviously the leash and harness or collar with identification tag. If you can, always bring a spare leash;
  • Do not forget the muzzle, because if by chance you have to take public transport it is mandatory;
  • Fountain for dogs or water bowl (there are foldable options for both);
  • Dog bowls, ones that are unbreakable and easy to clean;
  • Enough food for the entire period of the holiday;
  • His favorite toys to make him feel at ease when you arrive;
  • An extra dog bed, blankets, etc. (more if you use them), Whereas in the summer many of our friends, because of the heat, prefer the floor.

Once there, prepare to spend time making your dog feel at ease, and don’t just leave him in the hotel room! Do everything possible to take it with you, and if you cannot, accustom him gradually to being left alone. You will see that if you follow these little tips, your vacation with Fido will be unforgettable and you will be ready to face any eventuality!