Dog boarding: where to leave your dog when you go on vacation?

dog boarding

When the holidays arrive, many wonder where to leave the dog during the holidays.. if you just can’t bring your dog along, one of the most practical solutions is to bring your dog to a boarding facility; Many are in fact dog care centers that host our friends during our absence! We’ll give you some advice about it!

Boarding for dogs, puppies and adult dogs

Do dogs suffer when boarded? The answer to this question depends entirely on you. When choosing a boarding kennel you will have to inform yourself very well, and see if the dogs are left free or whether they keep them caged the entire time. As for the puppies, it is best not to take them to a dog hotel when they are small, but in fact, remember that dogs don’t like change at any age!

Your puppy could suffer and become a phobic dog as an adult … Of course it always depends on the dog sitting facility you take them to…there are some that are really 5 stars! In any case, you should always do a trial run before you leave your dog at a boarding facility for at least 24 hours in order to see how they react to the new environment. To calm him, you can use one of those dog calming collars that emit pheromones. Your veterinarian can recommend the brand.

In adulthood however, the dog’s reaction depends greatly on the position that your pet plays in the family. If he does not play the role of pack leader, he will likely accept your departure without problems, especially if they like the boarding kennels. Conversely, if the dog considers himself the pack leader, they won’t tolerate it and view your leaving as an inability to control the movements of his pack / family.

where to leave the dog during the holidays

Where to leave your pet during the holidays

If you can’t take your dog with you during the holidays, let’s see where we can leave them:

  • The classic boarding kennels , often within a training center, but not necessarily. Here the dogs are kept in kennels and allowed to go outside occasionally to run freely. For dogs accustomed to a crate, they should be just fine, especially if they already know the place and know that you are going to come back soon;
  • The alternative solution is a foster family.The ideal would be to entrust the dog to someone who already knows them: a friend or relative. There are pet sitters available who will take care of your dog in their home.
  • Another solution is thepet sitter that offers such services as home sitting- ideal for older dogs;
  • Finally there are the home visits, ideal for short absences. A person of your confidence could go home to feed and take out your furry friend.

dog boarding

What to leave your dog while they’re in the kennel

Before leaving, always remember to leave the necessities with the dog boarding kennel or the person who will take care of your friend:

  • Health card;
  • Veterinary prescriptions (if taking medication);
  • Contact information of the veterinarian in case of emergency;
  • Your telephone number;
  • Your dog’s favorite dog food (only in case of family or friends).

Inform the person in charge of the dog sitting on how your dog likes to spend his time: meal times, walks, and the rest of his little habits. Finally, if you are very apprehensive, do not hesitate to make a call every now and then, surely you will sleep more peacefuly!