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Rabbit health

Rabbit health and dwarf rabbit care… All about how to improve a rabbit’s health and how to take care of them. Discover how to recognize symptoms of rabbit diseases, when to contact the veterinarian and other precious advice to improve the life style of our little friends. Do you know, for example, what foods are most adapted to each breed of rabbits? And those to totally exclude? Do you know how to apply first aid to a rabbit that isn’t well, while waiting for the veterinarian? No?

Then we will try to learn together, without ever trying to take the veterinarian’s place absolutely, we will discover how to intervene promptly and how to recognize anything that ails our little friend. We will also learn how to assess the state of health of our rabbit from small details such what its coat looks like or its behavior, and discover what are the first signs that warn us that the rabbit is not well so that we can decide when it is necessary to go to our trusted vet for a checkup.