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Rabbit facts

Many curious rabbit facts about our friends! Are we all really sure that we know our beautiful bunnies’ world? Even if they only seem like little fluff balls, in reality there are lots of things to know, some because they are of fundamental importance, other for pure curiosity only and exclusively to know. We will discover the details, attitudes that are sometimes a little curious, the strange positions they take and the funny expressions that they often are signals and are their way of they tell us something.

We try to interpret the behavior and language of rabbits, and clarify the fundamental points, for example how long dwarf rabbits live, how rabbits see, and then we will try to understand if and how to play with rabbits, if they interact with their masters, if they really are fond of their masters and many other fun facts. We will give space to the direct experience and advice from the experts to get close to the fantastic world of our small pets!