Do cats suffer from the cold? What to do if cats are cold

cats cold what to do

Do cats suffer from the cold? The body temperature of the cat is higher than that of humans, ranging from 38 ° to 38 ° -2 °; but just like we cat lovers, even cats can get cold… It’s important to remember the outside temperature isn’t what puts your cat’s health at risk as much as the moisture, so it’s important to make sure your kitten is always dry!

Feeding your cat in the wintertime

Your cat’s diet plays a vital role in keeping your cat healthy during the cold seasons. Cats eat more in chilly seasons because they need a lot of energy to keep their body temperature constant. Let’s remember that the cat is a carnivorous animal, so it has to eat meat, and especially during the winter; needs a diet rich in nutrients, proteins and fat (but not too much).

This will allow our feline athletes not to lose weight; which is important because then they will be able to use body reserves as ” fuel ” to warm themselves up. If the cat lives outdoors and outside the temperature is too cold, avoid administering damp foods because they may freeze. Water is also an important element: if the water is left outside it can freeze, so you have to change it often. It is also advisable to use plastic bins as the metal makes it conductive and cools the water faster.

cats suffer from the cold

What to do when cats suffer from the cold

First of all, you need to find a place without any drafts. Let your cat in the house, in the garage, or anywhere else where he can get himself warmed up .If it is not possible to have the cat in the house, get a small dog kennel and put a cushion inside it. Be careful not to expose the cat to too much heat, because it could make them very ill. If it’s below freezing outside and warm inside the house it is not advisable to bring your cat  into the house too quickly as the sudden temperature difference may be stressful.

An outdoor cat kennel is the best solution to avoid finding yourself with a sick cat. It is not advisable to put your cat in cat coats. Because cats are very curious, they crawl and climb everywhere, and this could be dangerous because they could get caught in a tunnel or branches of a tree, risking strangulation.

Another important point is to check your car before starting it. Regardless of whether you have a cat or not; before you start the car, always beep your horn so that if  there is cat hiding in your engine it has a chance to wake up and get out. If the cats suffer from cold they will often seek shelter in cars, so be careful!

Cats and the cold

Cats and the cold: Outdoor Cat Kennels

If you are dealing with feline colonies, you can build a kennel for outdoor cats with cardboard boxes. Cover the outside with plastic to make it a bit waterproof and line the inside with absorbent material to stifle the cold and create an access hole. To make them more comfortable, you can put old rags inside as well.

Try to place the boxes in an elevated position and not directly on the ground, because the rain and the weather can deteriorate them. Remember that cats like to sleep all together to warm each other; so you could create a heated kennel that can house multiple kitties.