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Cat Nutrition: hints and tips on properly feeding cats! Discover the best food for cats and the recommended diets for adult cats and senior cats as well as kittens. We will learn how to properly feed a neutered cat in a way that they avoid bothersome pathologies and problems, and we will also learn that sometimes it is good to ask the veterinarian for advice about this too. We will see what cats eat and what foods should be avoided; we will also publish many recipes for homemade cat food to ensure a healthy and proper diet for your kitty!

On the basis of every breed, and their susceptibility to accumulating fats, we will make sure to point out the right amount of food they should have each day. We will discover what foods they appreciate most and those they hate, and finally those they cannot eat. We will understand the importance of a proper diet in the life of a healthy cat, and we will understand even better that the better their diet the more pleasant our coexistence will be.

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