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Cat health conditions and symptoms! Your cat’s health is extremely important! Discover how to take care of your cat, how to recognize symptoms of cat diseases, and above all, what is most important, how to prevent them through useful veterinary advice about cats. We will tackle the various issues ranging from the most common cat disorders, to problematic cat diseases such as the FIV, FeLV, Feline infectious peritonitis and many others, including senior cat diseases.

Needless to say that the veterinarian is however always important, and their advice is not sufficient nor are the opinions of online veterinarians, so do not limit yourself to “DIY“. When in doubt do not waste time- run to your trusted veterinarian with your furry friend! Our goal is to help you understand when to worry and when not to, and how to understand our cats’ state of health at a glance and take into account their habitual behavior.