Dogs and bikes, is it legal? Can you use a bicycle with your dog?

Dogs and bikes

Can you bring your dog alongside you on a bike ? In spite of how much you might think about riding your bike with a dog it is not always a pleasant activity for our four-legged friends and also for us. Let’s find out what the law says about this issue and give some advice on how to bring our dog bicycling …

Biking with your dog | what the law says

Generally, there are no laws on the books that prevent owners from bicycling with their dogs (though it’s worth it to check out your local legislation before doing so!) However, there are some practical things to take into consideration before setting off on a bike with Fido.

Biking with the dog

Biking with the dog on the bike paths

It is possible to bring your dog bicycling with us on the bike paths only when:

  • It must not be forbidden from the common residence (some bike lanes forbid bicycling with a dog, so be sure to check!)
  • It is not advisable to bring your dog on bicycles on the bike paths with children
  • Your dog must be accustomed to the traffic that you can find on the cycle track and well-trained not to be reactive to stimuli, otherwise biking with the dog turns into a disaster;
  • It is advisable to go biking with the dog early in the morning or late summer in order to avoid not only blisters, but also the heat stroke, which can lead the death for dogs;
  • Go biking with your dog in public parks is not always possible, even if dogs are allowed to walk in said park.

Dog Bicycle

Dog Bicycle Tips

Beyond the rules of the road, normal common tells us not to bring the dog to the leash while riding a bike, because:

  • If the dog is not trained, it may hurt to them run, especially if it is an overweight dog;
  • If dogs run too much on asphalt, it may injure the paws;
  • For some dog breeds, the heat and possible heat stroke can be damaging to the cardiovascular system (such as Pugs)
  • Dogs may have trouble keeping up with the speed of a bike;
  • If you choose a city route, the dog would be forced to breathe all the exhaust of the cars.

In addition, the person who drives the bicycle may experience accidents caused by sudden dog movements, for example our four-legged friend might encounter another dog, hear a sudden noise, etc. Small dogs who sit in baskets on dog bikes are also prone to incidents: they see another dog, or they hear a noise or the cyclist makes a sudden turn and they get scared.

bike ride with the dog

How to bike ride with the dog

If you choose to bring your dog bicycling with you, perhaps in the countryside, or on a quiet street, you will have no problem! You can also have your dog follow you without a leash, as long as they are used to running around free, without getting caught and hurting yourself and your dog. For all the other places where you need to keep your dog on a leash, such as parks, bumpy roads and bicycle paths, there are several systems that you can adopt based on your dog’s skill: there are those who use a long enough leash to keep the dog safe, those who leave the leash very slack, and who the trailer for dogs (which are those dog trolleys that you see attached to some bicycles). The most effective system, however, is to use your common sense.