Dog in the car and transport | How to travel with your dog in the car

travel with your dog in the car

Often we hear the dogs in the car are unhappy because they cannot tolerate transport by car, they are afraid, and it’s uncomfortable for humans to travel with the dog in the car, because the dog may feel sick to the point of drooling or cry desperately or even try to jump out the window. We discover how to travel with your dog in the car safely!

Travelling with your dog in the car | Dog anxiety in car

Car Phobia in Dogs should be approached very gradually, avoiding hasty attitudes and not assuming that the dog views riding in the car as normally as we do. It should be observed that the dog in the car, if travelling too long, can become very stressed out because it forces him into a situation where the possibility of movement is very limited. In many cases, it becomes very traumatizing, to the point where the dog will back away when he sees car and view it as suspect.

Also, forcing your dog to get into the car when we want to travel with him could worsen the situation and make your dog even more hostile towards the car. You need to identify the reason for his distrust of the car- is it due to the engine noise? Vibrations? It’s important to identify the different sources of stress that come from the dog into a car: if the car phobia is due to the engine noise, vibration, movement or simply because he has never seen a ‘car and has no clue what it is.

dogs in car

How to travel with your dog in the car

First and foremost you have to accustom the dog to get into the car, perhaps with the help of a treat. Initially it is also sufficient just to get your dog to stand near the car. Later, with the help of some more treats, get your dog familiar with the shape of the car and see if you can get him to climb in. You can put inside also something of his, a toy or his blanket, if you have one. Importantly, avoid closing the car door as soon as your dog gets inside, as the dog may perceive the car as a trap and if it happens you’ll have to start all over again.

The first time traveling with the dog in the car, it is preferable to go someplace fun for your dog, such as a trip to the countryside or a park, so that associates the car with a pleasant event. Not the vet! Once the dog is in the car it will begin associating the car as part of it’s territory– and woe to whomever approaches!

Do not take any unnecessary risks! If you do not have a luggage compartment and the space for the dog in the car, or if you prefer to let your dog travel in the rear seat or the if size of your dog  is too big to sit in the trunk,  you can use a car friendly dog kennel, or use the seatbelt for dogs. Also try to keep the window open but just enough so they can get some air, not so open that they could fall out or lean out. Finally, do not pull down your dog out of the car without putting their leash on first!