How to overcome depression for the loss of a dog

depression for the loss of a dog

The loss of a dog is an important pain that deserves respect from everyone and that must not be neglected. As we have already seen, mourning plays an important role in avoiding serious psychological consequences. One of these consequences is depression. So let’s try, as much as is  possible, to give some advice on how to overcome depression after the loss of your dog.

How depression manifests itself after the death of a dog

Mostly, there are two kinds of depression linked to the pain of losing someone you love, whether it is a person or a dog. The first is a deep depression and is a normal part of mourning. The duration of this phase depends from person to person, as some people are more susceptible to this disease than others; but there are other factors to consider, such as age, civil status, and past experience. It is easy to imagine that for a single person and the elderly the death of their dog could be quite devastating.

losing a pet

The second type of depression, however, manifests itself with sadness, weeping, agitation and loss of appetite; and often the person in question refuses to associate these symptoms with the death of their dog. Telling these people to wait for the mourning process to pass may not be the best choice, as they might fall into a “depression” block. In this case, getting another dog could be a good idea; even though it obviously depends on the individual. However, if they are people who live alone or are of a certain age, we feel comfortable advising you not to waste too much time on beginning a new adventure alongside a new four-legged friend. You are not dishonoring your pup who has crossed the rainbow bridge, he knows your heart is big enough for everyone!

How to overcome depression after the loss of a dog

To overcome the depression that comes from the loss of a dog,  it is necessary to proceed with great calmness and caution. The ideal would be to remember the memories of our dog from when he was puppy until the end. Begin gradually, one memory at a time. What will happen to you, after the first pang of pain, will be regret and a sense of guilt. Banish these thoughts from your mind and think about how you gave your dog a home, his daily meals, and all the love a dog might want. Think about how fortunate he was in comparison to all the poor animals tortured or abandoned by ignorant beings.

loss of a dog

At the end of this journey you will have precious memories that no one can take from you and you will be ready for the next adventure. Deciding if and when to get another dog depends entirely on you; some prefer to get one immediately, others prefer to wait a few months. Finally, there are those who recommend getting a new dog of the same breed and those who suggest getting a different kind of dog just in case the new dog reminds you too much of the old one. Regarding this last thought, we would like to point out that we disagree, a new dog must not be a substitute and of course it should not have the purpose of making us forget those who are no longer with us…

In any case, everything is subjective, there are no rules on how to behave, we only recommend two things: take all the time you need and take another dog only when you feel a strong desire to give love to another creature.