Heat stroke in dogs: symptoms and how to prevent hyperthermia

Heat stroke dog

When summer is upon us, the risk of heat stroke in dogs is really high; as your veterinarian will surely tell you , heat stroke can be very dangerous for our four-legged friends, even fatal in some cases. We find out what are the first symptoms of a heat stroke in dogs , what to do if the dog gets sunstroke and how to prevent heat stroke in dogs.

Symptoms of heat stroke in dogs

Hyperthermia in dogs does not allow the skin of our friend to breathe properly, so the dog pants in order to remove water vapor from the body. This is perhaps the most obvious symptom and it is the way our dogs regulate their body temperature. Together with the increase in respiratory rate and excessive salivation are the key symptoms; if we do not act in time, the body temperature of a dog can reach up to 43 ° which can lead to our dog going into a coma or, in severe cases, death.

The breeds most at risk for heat stroke are dogs like short snouts, like the English Bulldog, the Boxer, and pugs. Also at risk are all dogs with a thick coat like the chow-chow, the Newfoundland and the Collie. Finally, do not forget that especially in hot weather, giving your dog proper nutrition is extremely important, in fact, another risk category encompasses all obese dogs and other furry friends with heart and / or respiratory failure.

heat exhaustion in dogs

How to prevent heat stroke in dogs

As we always say, prevention is better than a cure! So, first, do not ever leave the dog in the car alone! Ever, for any reason! No matter if the sun or shade; when the outside temperature exceeds 40 °, not even parking in the shade of a tree will prevent  heat stroke in dogs. Also, try to avoid walking the dog during the hottest hours of the day (11-4:00pm), except for a quick pee. Usually, when it’s hot, they are very quick to do their business and then go home to cool off as fast as possible!

If the sun is hot, do not let the dog on the balcony or the terrace of the house, but in a cool, ventilated room. If you have a garden, your dog will have a sheltered area, but its still best to keep them inside. In the garden or in the house, remember that a bowl of water must always be provided, as the dog will need to hydrate as much as possible! Finally, let’s talk about the dog on the beach ! Do not leave your 4-legged friend under the umbrella without control; If you will not have the foresight to bathe their feet, the head, and the belly, and offer him as much water as he wants, you could risk heat stroke.

Heat stroke therapy dog ​​and Remedies

In early symptoms of heat stroke in dogs, we’ll have to take action immediately by bringing our friend from the veterinarian. In the meantime, however, it is advisable to do everything to lower the body temperature of the dog, our goal will be to bring it to 39 °. First immediately put the dog in the shade, wet or immerse him in cold water (not ice-cold, 20 ° will do fine), let him take a take a breath of fresh air and if necessary, use ice bags on the head and armpits.

Of course, remember that these actions are not a replacement for a triup to the vet! These precautions should be taken in the meantime, but the dog definitely needs to get to the vet as soon as possible if they are showing signs of heatstroke. In any case, you will see that if you follow our advice on prevention, you will never get into such drastic situations!