Dog poisoning symptoms and what to do in case of poisoning

Dog poisoning symptoms

Unfortunately, cases of poisoning due to poisonous bate are on the agenda. Direct responsibly for these cowardly acts are “people”, if you can call them that, who have no respect for life and the very real love that dog owners have for their dogs.  Because idiots are a dime a dozen, we must therefore remain very attentive to every possible danger. We try to understand what the symptoms of dog poisoning are and what to do in case of poisoning!

Dog poisoning symptoms and what to do

Since it is impossible to treat the mentally ill person that delights in poisoning a dog, we should always try to prevent the danger. We’ve seen how to protect our dogs from people who leave poisonous bait for them, but unfortunately these tips are not always sufficient, and in case of poisoning we should be able to recognize the symptoms as quickly as possible.

The main symptoms of a poisoned dog are white gums, tremors, coughing wheezing, loss of appetite and fever. There are poisons for dogs that act immediately and first aid becomes vital; in these cases it would be ideal to be able to make the dog vomit as soon as possible! Some people use a splash of hydrogen peroxide down the dogs throat while others use salt. To be safe, ask your veterinarian.

dog poisoning what to do

If you have a garden, always remember to take a walk around the house in the morning to check for any poison or poisoned food. Finally, when you call the veterinarian always try to describe to him right away all the symptoms of poisoning you have found. In this way, your doctor will most likely be able immediately to recognize the type of poison used and run faster for cover.

If you have any doubts about what could have eaten during the walk, don’t worry about being paranoid! If you feel the need to rush to the vet, even if it turns out to be nothing, go! What some people may call overprotectiveness or paranoia have saved many a dog whose owner listened tot heir instincts and brought the dog to the vet.