Toys for dogs: what to choose and how to play with your dog

toys for dogs

Despite criticism from many, especially those who have never had a pet, dog toys have a very important role in the relationship between dog and owner. Dog toys are in fact able to provide our friend with something fun to do while he’s alone during the day, and other types of toys can motivate and stimulate cognitive skills as well as help the emotional development of the dog.

Toys for dogs, which to choose?

It goes without saying that it is important to choose the dog toy most suitable to our four-legged friend based on his preferences, his nature and his character. There are dogs that destroy all kinds of toys, such as balls, dolls, etc. while others keep their toys with great care, even the stuffed ones! In any case it is our duty to remind you that not all toys are suitable for our four legged friends, so we must choose them carefully!

For example, if your dog has a strong predatory instinct, you’ll have to avoid the squeaky dog toys. Similarly if you have a puppy that always bites shoes, furniture legs, upholstery etc. avoid buying dog toys made with the same materials: i.e. sponge, wood and cloth. Sometimes using improvised items like tennis balls, abandoned clothing and old shoes works well; but be careful, some of these can be dangerous if ingested!

How to play with your dog

When you want to play with your dog it is important to remember these little tips:

  • If you have a possessive dog, you should never instigate forms of competition, such as grabbing the toy out of his mouth;
  • It’s important to make it clear to the dog that the toy is also important for you, otherwise your 4-legged friend will prefer other objects that are “more desirable”, such as a cell phone, remote control, slippers etc.;
  • Make the game a learning experience! For example, don’t give the dog the toy until he is sitting nicely, or make him work for it by asking him to complete some commands before playing.
  • Some dog games, such as tug of war, have precise rules- do not ignore them;
  • It’s best to avoid playing the same game over and over
  • If you have a shy or insecure dog, try to avoid puzzle games for dogs, if they are too difficult, it could worsen the situation;
  • Never use your dogs harness or leash as a toy;
  • When your dog offers an object as a toy, don’t second-guess him!
  • Finally, always remember to choose dog toys that are made for dogs, preferably made of hard rubber.

We wish you much pleasure in the company of your friends!