Things that annoy dogs, do children understand what annoys dogs?

Things that annoy dogs

There are indeed many things that annoy dogs and it is important not to underestimate them, and you must also teach them to your children! We will never tire of repeating this, that dogs can not talk and the fact that they are good and peaceful because now they are accustomed to our presence and our ways of doing things, does not imply that they should be called upon to endure everything that comes there way, as if they were inanimate toys. Let’s find out what things children should never in order not to not disturb a dog, in order to avoid unpleasant consequences!

What are the things that annoy dogs that children should never do?

First of all we should remember that dogs are not ponies; our four-legged friends hate being ridden, therefore you should never put your child on a dogs back. Do not allow children to approach dogs that are tied up: the dog wont be able to get away from the children, may feel cornered, and might even bite. Tell your children not to approach dogs from behind: seizing an animal from behind is a typical predatory behavior- that’s why when the dog touched from behind without warning, he jumps.

things annoy dogs

Remember that your children should not pat the dog on the head! Most  dogs are used to their owners patting them on the head and may tolerate it, others try to move away, while others may growl and, if very nervous, react and bite the child. Also, remember to teach your children not to look the dog directly in the eye, particularly if the dog has never met your child before. Rarely, the dog could interpret her look like a gesture of submission. Finally, tell the child not to yell the presence of four-legged friends, it is something that dogs hate deeply!

Needless to say, if a dog is always enclosed in the crate or in the garden alone all day, the risk of accidents increases dramatically. Remember that knowing which things annoy dogs is really very important for your children. Even at the risk of sounding repetitive, we never tire of repeating it!