How to handle a meeting between two leashed dogs

How to handle a meeting between two leashed dogs

When we go for walks with our dogs on a leash, we are bound to come across other owners outside enjoy the day with their dogs. But when they meet, what is it that the two dogs are saying to one another? Don’t you ever wonder? We find out what may affect the socialization of the puppy when two leashed dogs meet one another!

The meeting between two leashed dogs

Usually, when dogs and dog owners meet on the street, the two dogs sniff each other and exchange information that is unknown to us. At other times, if the dog on a leash starts to become particularly aggressive, the other could ignore it or respond in kind. Then there are those scenes in which the two owners desperately try to keep their dogs separate from one another, as the dogs bark and seemingly exchange a barrage of insults (or that’s certainly what it looks like!)

In a meeting to “8 feet”, the dynamics are not always the same. For example, if two dogs on a leash you meet on the street, it is likely they will tend to be more aggressive, the situation worsens further if one is one a leash and the other not. Conversely, if two dogs meet in a park in complete freedom, they might even ignore each other! Precisely for this reason, when traveling in an area where our furry friends are off leash, it is never advisable to enter with a dog on a leash; Our friends should feel free to run like everyone else!

Dogs on a leash and the importance of the puppy socialization

In a meeting between two leashed dogs, once again, the most important component is proper puppy socialization. For the first two months the puppy’s mother will take care of it,, but after this time period, it is our duty to educate the puppy and follow him in his growth. If your friend has been socialized properly, when you meet a fellow human with a dog he will be much more inclined to behave properly, for example, extend a their noses to one other, exchanging small signals and wagging their tails happily.

Conversely if your dog does not have the slightest idea what it means to socialize, or if he is simply a diffident dog by nature, he may take a defensive attitude. In the latter case, if the owner begins to tug the dog with the leash, the situation will deteriorate even further! Remember that our friends perceive tension, and a dog is not socialized could be really dangerous if it meets a smaller one. For this reason, even if it your dog is an adult and you have problems of this kind, never give up, and consider using a professional trainer or dog behaviorist to help you solve the issues.