Dog Socialization, how to Socialize Dogs and Puppies

dog socialization

Dog socialization, tips and suggestions! Many do not know that dogs are social animals who are equipped with highly complex social relations as they are “programmed” by nature to build the operating groups, i.e. real teams important for the survival of the pack. This is why socializing a dog with his peers is crucial and are not just social niceties like humans engage in (like when you meet an acquaintance), but a real necessity. Find out how to socialize your dog.

Dog socialization and canine etiquette

Our four-legged friend tries to socialize with others who live around him , in our case the same neighborhood. The meeting of the dogs is dictated by real rules of etiquette. It is based on subtle rules and communication signals. These signals are meant to be calming, and are utilized to avoid misunderstandings or fights.

The other dogs tolerate excesses exuberance when the perpetrator is puppy, usually under 3 months of age. Subsequently, if the puppy gets too crazy, in other words, if it bothers adults with too much exuberance, it is immediately put in place. Most of the time the adult dogs block the exuberance of the puppies with a bark in order to teach them good manners. The ability to appease other dogs is a quality that puppies have to learn in the relationship with adults.

Socializing dogs

The basics of dog socialization are taught by the mother dog, this is the reason why it is always advisable that the first two months of a puppy’s life are spent in the litter. It’s always better, in fact, that the puppy is brought up by his mother because she is able to communicate with him in order to teach him what to do even when he finds himself struggling with a “malicious” adult, misuse or abuse. If taken away from the mother before, it will be up to you to teach etiquette to your puppy, but you must follow precise rules and you cannot proceed without adequate knowledge.

If done incorrectly, you risk raising a rude dog or an unmanageable one. For this reason canine socialization is so important. Learning to calm down is a very important virtue for dogs and is the foundation of its socialization useful both for itself and for the human friend who will not have to struggle to restrain him if he finds himself confronted with another dog who has also not been well socialized.

For these reasons it is essential that after the adoption you support your dog and teach him to learn to be calm, and the best way to do this is to socialize the dog with other puppies or adult dogs. This will allow your friend to emit soothing signals when you meet with other dogs. Also remember that when you are walking the dog it would be advisable not to pull on the leash, but let it hang loose to allow the meeting between dogs to proceed according to the choreography that canine behavior requires.