How to stop your dog from pulling on the leash during walks

How to stop your dog from pulling

Dogs pull on their leashes for many reasons like a bad relationship between our dog and us or training a puppy badly. Often times, we subconsciously incite it them to pull on their leashes here and there, turning a walk into a real nightmare. So let’s see how to stop your dog from pulling on the leash during walk!

Why does a dog pulling on leash?

Before we can talk about teaching our dogs to walk on a leash without pulling we have to ask ourselves a couple questions like: who is in charge- you or your friend? If the answer is my 4-leggedf friend is in charge, it means that it wears the pants or it is the pack leader dog. If you do not invert your roles, it will always be your furry friend that will take you for a walk and not the other way around. In this case you have to take a step back and look at the basic dog training you’ve carried out. Your dog must respond to basic commands like sit, down and stay command.

The second question is how many times do you walk your dog how long does it last. If a walk means the traditional walk around the block it is important to remember that for some breeds this isn’t enough and, in this case it might be hard to teach your dog not to pull on its leash. Make sure then that the reason your dog pulls its leash is not a lack of physical activity.

dog pulling on leash

How to stop your dog from pulling on the leash

Given all this, there are some solutions for dogs that pull on their leashes. First and foremost it is important to pay attention to see if your dog gets excited as soon as it sees its leash. In this case you must calm your dog down, helping it understand that even if it is happy it shouldn’t run and jump around the house. Start by telling it to sit  and then wait for your dog to be calm before putting its leash on. If your dog gets worked up again as soon as attach the leash to its collar stop and restart from sit. Once he calms down, award him by petting him or giving him a treat. Once you manage to put a leash on him, and your dog is calm and is sitting down, you will have reached a great point.

However if your dog starts pulling on its leash as soon as he walks out of the house tell it to sit, award it, and then start the walk again, making sure it walks by your side. It is important to repeat this exercise every time he starts pulling on the leash again. It is important to remember this exercise every time because it is the only way to meet your goal. Obviously at every little success you must reward your dog by petting it and giving it a yummy award. This is considered to be the best technique and most effective one. Don’t forget to be patient and consist and you’ll see you will reach your goal.