What drives people to bring a dog into their lives

bring a dog into their lives

What do you think made you decide to get a dog ? Have you ever wondered what kind of relationship you have with your four-legged friend? It’s time to ask yourself and find out what the relationships between dogs and owners are like..

Having a dog as a family member

Often people decide to get a dog because different interests drive them, and as a result, once adopted, they build their relationship with their dog based on certain roles and mechanisms. There are those who see in the dog a being in need of care and therefore tend to take on a parental role, considering themselves as a mom or a dad. This situation is not at all rare; we all know that dogs are often treated like children. Among these people are many volunteers, always ready to foster a furry friend in need of care.

We wanted to mention these people to first just to take this opportunity to thank them for the love that they are able to convey to our furry friends every day! Thank you, thank you and thank you again!

For others still, the dog is seen as a secure base to their emotional fears. Our 4-legged friend is the only one to provide this confirmation and thus the person develops an addiction that the dog interprets as a need for protection. This means that if we have a dog who is possessive over their master, at the base there might just be this emotional dependence on behalf of the human towards his “puppy”. Let it be clear, it is not always so, in fact there are breeds of dog that become protective towards their master regardless.

dog and owner

Getting a dog and the relationship between dogs and owners

There are some people who are very physically active and have a dog  to accompany them while running or maybe even dog sports, such as disc dog, sheep herding, and agility. Others have the dog because they employ the dog in particular activities and interpret its presence only according to performance requirements; a classic example is the hunting dogs. Then there is those who like to take their dogs for walks and run with the dog. There are others who are passionate about dog shows and for whom the dog is a pretext to socialize with other humans. Then there are the worst type of dog owners to those who have the dog for  a status symbols because they want to impress their neighbors, friends and relatives.

Whatever the reason that drove you to get a dog, remember it is a living being and not a game or a stuffed toy to mitigate  emotional insecurities or to impress others. If you want to have a good relationship between dog and owner try to follow not only your inclinations, but also his; consequently, if he asks you to do something that does not fit into your patterns, always try to please him as much as possible!