Talking to dogs is normal and good for you too! But do they understand?

talking to dogs

Talking with dogs is a normal thing for dog lovers and some of us think that they understand everything we say. The truth is that dogs don’t exactly listen to all our long monologues but since they love their owners, it makes them happy listen to their owners’ voices. This does not mean that dogs don’t understand any words. They must be taught the correspondence of a particular sound to an object (ball, bone, etc.) or action, such as the classic basic commands like sit, down and stay.

Speaking with dogs and body language

According to some studies, dog’s memories are capable of learning a lot of words. Some say up to 100 while others say even more. So it’s possible teach to the dog some words without expecting that dogs can learn and understand our language perfectly and understand what we say from sentences. Dog communication is more like two people from different countries that don’t speak the same language and try to communicate with gestures and saying basic words in their languages and pointing to things to give a meaning to words.

Since our dogs strive to understand our language, we should do the same and try to understand their canine language, which unlike ours, is not verbal but is expressed through the body. That’s why we must pay attention not only to their movements, but to ours too! In fact, dog watch our body language a lot and we often unintentionally transmit mixed signals. Communicating with your dog properly also means knowing how to properly gesture and move our bodies in a certain way with an action or word. Once perfected the way we express ourselves, we can teach words associated with the dog basic commands and it will be much easier.

Training aside, in our opinion, talking to dogs is also good for your health! From our point of view it is also wonderful and relaxing! Perhaps because unlike men, they are able to listen without judging, or perhaps simply for the fact that everyone likes to be listened to. That said, even if our dogs do not understand everything, only to see them tilt their head always manages to make us smile and feel better! How many of our conversations with people can be said the same of?