Can dogs remember? Short and long term memory in a dog

can dogs remember

Can dogs remember? There are no stupid dogs or smart dogs; all animals are able to recollect things! Think, for example, of the extraordinary memory of the elephant. And our four legged friends won’t be outdone, dogs remember everything! A dog’s memory plays a very important role in the lives of our furry friend and is an essential component that allows them to perform many activities, both recreationally and for work.

Short and long term dog memory, can dogs remember?

Just as we do, the dog also has both a short and long term memory. The short-term memory of a dog allows our canine friend to recall what he is doing at that particular time. The long-term memory dog, however, allows the dog to remember past experiences, such as a day at the park or a particularly satisfying event.

Let’s discover the difference between the short-term memory of dog. Remember, everything is related to the operating mode: if we show a ball to our friend, and we tell him to pick it up, it is a short-term memory. If we ask our dog to go get the ball, which is always kept in the same place, that’s different- we are dealing with a conceptual memory. If you still ask our furry to go get the ball with which he played a long time ago, it is in effect a recall, which is a function of long-term memory

Mnemonic exercises and training

If you do mnemonic exercises with your puppy, both on short-term memory and long term memory, it will be easy once they reach adulthood to teach them their name or for example, to train your dogs to carry things! As already mentioned, remember that there are no stupid or smart dogs , its all just a matter of training them and teaching them when they are young.

A good exercise to develop the dog’s memory is to place different objects in many different places, then asking our dog friend to find them. Obviously every time the dog manages to locate the requested object you will have to reward him with a treat! You will see that he will enjoy it a lot and you will reap the rewards! Always remember not to overdo it too much with these exercises in order not to stress your furry friend…no more than 10 minutes a day!