Canine sixth sense, is it true that dogs have a sixth sense?

canine sixth sense

Does the canine sixth sense exist? When it comes to a sixth sense , we’re talking about something almost paranormal, even though science is becoming more and more convinced that it is inherently present in the human brain, but also in domestic animals, in this case the dog. Many researchers have shown that our four-legged friends have a sixth sense with earthquakes, although they actually react to changes in magnetic fields. These studies have shown that almost all dogs know how to go home when they are lost or abandoned, even at a distance of many miles. Experiments conducted in this sense have shown that this ability can, however, decrease in the presence of large magnets.

sixth sense in dogs

Sixth sense in dogs: do dogs really have a sixth sense?

The ethnologist and veterinarian Desmond Morris in his essay “Is it true that dogs have a sixth sense?” takes the time to explore some of this research, specially on those who have identified the presence of infrared ray detectors in dog noses. This discovery could explain the ” supernatural ” attributes attributed to some dog breeds, such as the ability of Saint Bernard to figure out, by simply sniffing snow, if a person buried under an snow from an avalanche is alive or alive.

It would not be a novelty in nature, as there are other animals that have these heat detectors, particularly some species of snakes. At the moment, however, it is difficult to investigate the supernatural abilities of dogs , as we are still unable to explain what and how they feel certain events. Although we can actually say that there is a scientific explanation for each event that we can attribute a canine sixth sense, in fact, it is thanks to some of their amazing physical characteristics that they are able to predict certain situations.

One thing is sure thought, sixth sense or not, our dogs are really special, they already have supernatural skills from super heroes and demonstrate it every day with heroic acts in favor of man and their fellow canines.