Where should dogs sleep? Our armchairs or a doghouse?

where should dogs sleep

Where should dogs sleep? The “dog on the armchair is a classic. Anyone who has shared much of their life with a dog knows how much they like that comfortable place, as if it were made for sleeping. Chairs are equipped with soft armrests, where they will often rest their head or curl up like in mom’s belly. Armchairs for dogs are something wonderful, so once you’ve purchased an armchair, whether for them or for yourself, they’ll never give it up!

Where should dogs sleep | Armchair and pack leader

For your dog, the chair might not just be a place to rest, but could become a sort of command post, like the kind the captain of a spaceship in the movies has. If your dog interprets the chair in this sense, leadership issues could develop. Actually, we owners are often the ones who transmit this message of leadership, and our dogs simply play into it and assume the role of pack leader.

In these cases, the armchair becomes the ideal place for our 4-legged commander, a real throne for dogs as it is raised from the ground and located in a strategic point to control the whole country (the room). If your dog feels invested in this task, or feels like the commander in chief, you may have a hard time reconquering the chair for our own use. Your friend will be very displeased to leave the chair. In some cases they may even growl at you.

In these cases creating a conflict with the dog, by ordering him to come down off the chair or using harsh methods, could actually be counterproductive. It is better to work on behavior so the dog understands that you, his human friend, are the leader of the pack, and not him. If there are no problems of leadership, then there is no harm in turning your furniture into a dog armchair.

Best place for a dog to sleep

Best place for a dog to sleep | Where should dogs sleep

The ideal would be to allocate a special space where your dog can sleep– a cot, a dog bed, or a large dog pillow. This place, which your friend should get used to as a puppy, must become sacred and represent a safe and peaceful place where the dog only has pleasant experiences. Dogs should be rewarded for going to relax in their special resting place, and should be able to chew on a bone or play with a toy without being disturbed.

The doghouse, pillow, or dogs bed should be situated in a quiet place, avoiding crowded areas of the home or hallways where the dog might feel compelled to go along with whatever the group is doing or take his place as guard dog. In cases like these, they may constantly feel taken to task and might not get a chance to really relax. Then if you want to have your dog join you on the armchair you can always call him and invite him up you while you relax watching a movie.