Wednesday, 26 June, 2019
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Dog facts

Cool Dog facts! We will answer all your questions about dogs plus requests, giving you plenty of fun facts about dogs! We can find an answer for all those little questions that we punctually ask ourselves, for example how to calculate a dog’s age, why dogs lick their Masters. We can also learn to understand the language of dogs and many other fun facts about the world of dogs. Whether they are purebreds or not doesn’t matter, our four-legged friends are simply extraordinary and certainly full of delicious secrets and strange habits; we are sure that you haven’t heard of all the fun canine facts were going to talk about!

For example, do you know how and how long dogs sleep and what their favorite positions are? Do you know what are the most famous dogs in history or how dogs see? And who knows how many other things you ask yourselves without getting any answer- this is why we are here! There will be ample space for your curiosity, to which we will try to give clear and comprehensive answers. Follow us and we will reveal all the secrets of the canine world!

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