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Dog health, veterinary tips and advice! The most important step in curing illnesses is prevention, so it is important to know how to recognize the symptoms, at least the most glaring ones, of the most common dog diseases. Everything there is to know to have a dog that is healthy and in the form… We will find out how to recognize symptoms of dog diseases, for example a dog fever or a dog with a cough. We will talk about the most relevant topics: from anti-patristics for dogs to natural remedies designed to improve a dog’s health.

We will learn the basic points that relate to the care of the dog, giving our dog lovers a lot of veterinary advice about dogs! We will also endeavor to help you recognize a possible poisoning, or an insect bite on a dog, incidents which, without a timely intervention, may put at risk the lives of our beloved dogs, not leaving us even the time to arrive at the vet’s. We will try to outline a first response, even before you arrive at the veterinarian. We should always remember however that we shouldn’t play doctors, therefore it is essential to know how to intervene to apply first aid, but a visit and the advice of a specialist are indispensable.

dog Hygiene

Dog hygiene vs squeamish people | Let’s meet the ‘anti-dog’ people

Those who have dogs and walk them regularly will have a hard time not running into the so called anti-dog hygienic people. Using this...
Heat stroke in dogs

Heat stroke in dogs: symptoms and how to prevent hyperthermia

When summer is upon us, the risk of heat stroke in dogs is really high; as your veterinarian will surely tell you , heat stroke can be very dangerous...
Dog neutering

Male dog sterilization: When and why castrate your dog?

Lately it is fashionable to neuter the dog as if neutering were the panacea of ​​all the evils that humans have to face when deciding to get a...
dog poisoning

Dog poisoning symptoms and what to do in case of poisoning

Unfortunately, cases of poisoning due to poisonous bate are on the agenda. Direct responsibly for these cowardly acts are "people", if you can call them...
Dog phobia

Dog phobia and panic attack symptoms in dogs what to do

It’s not just humans who feel afraid and who suffer from phobias, a frightened dog needs understanding and support just like any other member of the...
Constant Licking in Dogs

Constant Licking in Dogs, what to do? Why do dogs lick?

Constant Licking in Dogs, what to do? If a dog licks some parts of his body, it is quite normal, we should not worry, it is...
dog depression

Dog sad and depressed? Symptoms and treatment of depression in dogs

Do you have a sad dog and don’t know what to do to make him better? We know that depression is a mood disorder characterized by fatigue,...
tremors in dogs

Shaking and trembling in dogs: why is my dog trembling?

Why is my dog trembling? Dogs shake for various reasons which, however, they can be divided into two broad categories: physical reasons (especially if it is...
Dog euthanasia

Dog euthanasia: What it is and how canine euthanasia is practiced

As Axel Munte wrote in St. Michael's History, dogs have a great defect in their perfection: they live too little. In fact, it is very...
Dog’s sense of hearing

Dog’s sense of hearing: How dogs hear acute and loud sounds

What do dogs hear? The incredible hearing of the dog is even able to perceive in advance the occurrence of certain events, such as earthquakes. Our four-legged...