Tellington TTouch: What is the TTouch method for dogs?

Tellington TTouch

There is an innovative and intelligent method of training dogs that comes from the United States, born with the express purpose of helping a fearful dog overcome fears and phobias, such as fear of fireworks or fear of storms. In addition, this method, called the Tellington TTouch method, is very useful to help our furry friends overcome physical and psychological trauma, thus solving various behavioral problems. With the TTouch method for dogs, our pets learn to think before they act, we find out how it works!

What is the Tellington TTouch method?

The Tellington TTouch is a method born 40 years ago in the US, designed by Linda Tellington and initially intended to be used with horses. Today, given the excellent results achieved, it has also been used with other pets, including our best four-legged friends. The T Touch consists of a variety of exercises that combines floor exercises with special handling and touches that are called TTouches.

ttouch dogs

Through TTouch, practiced with special circular movements, you can remove negative mental impressions from your dog; such as fears, traumas, physical discomfort and pain. The TTouches may seem like simple massage, but actually they are used to activate nerve bands that are infrequently used in daily life. These touches are to be integrated with work on the ground with obstacles and different types of conduct. The floor exercises allow you to guide your pet across obstacles, thus increasing their ability to learn and helping them develop concentration, self-control, confidence, balance. and coordination.

Besides the touches and floor exercises, the TTouch method also includes wraps. The latter consist in applying the elastic bands on the dog without impeding their movements, making them feel protected. Among the numerous types of TTouch wraps, there are some that can support veterinary care, such as bandages for dysplasia, movement problems, and trauma after an accident. What else can we say? We think it is a fantastic method with numerous fields of application, and which does not involve the use of medications. Could it be the secret to success?