Dog destroys house? Remedies and advice for destructive dog behavior

dog destroys house

Have you got a little four legged hurricane at home? We will find out what to do if your dog destroys house, trying to pinpoint the causes of the destructive behavior of dogs and find a remedy through useful advice.

Destructive dog behavior | Premise

First and foremost it is important to specify whether we are talking about adult dogs or puppies. The latter, if they are not kept under control, tends to bite whatever he happens upon and, as we have seen, there are several techniques to train a puppy not to bite anything it finds. So let pass to the environment in which you find your furry friend. If you decide to leave your dog alone in the house, always remember that you imposed this on your dog, it did not choose to stay in the house. As a consequence it may not like it, especially if it has always been in the garden, where his favorite pastime was destroying plants, do not be surprised if you find the sofa reduced to smithereens!

If your dog destroys your home, it is never an issue linked to territoriality. The pack’s territory is always safeguarded and protected, even at the cost of life, never destroyed! So if you keep the dog in the house, or in the garden, in this there is not really any difference, your pet knows that flower beds and sofas are not enemies to fight, they are not stupid! So the reasons your dog destroys the house must be found elsewhere, and an examination of conscience to see if we made a mistake somewhere never hurts!

anxiety in dogs

Why does the dog destroy the house?

If your dog destroys house there can be various reasons. For example, they can get bored and being bored is a bad for everybody. Think about hunting dogs who love sniffing around looking for new smells. When there are no more new smells they will of course try to find something else to do, like redoing the tapestry for starters. Another factor is the amount of physical activity we permit our dog to have. For many dog breeds a walk around the block is not enough and if you limit their walks to brief routes it’s not unlikely that they burn off all their extra energy in another way, restoring your furniture for example.

Finally, we have the reasons for 90% of damage caused by destructive dog behavior: trying to get your attention.If you leave you dog alone at home for too long you will definitely find a little surprise when you come home. The feeling of abandonment together with separation anxiety can be very relevant to these episodes. In the more extreme cases, only a good behavioralist veterinarian can help you resolve the issue.

destructive dog behavior

What to do if your dog destroys house

The first thing to do to correct destructive dog behavior is to pinpoint the cause so as to able to fix it. If you can’t, do not banish the dog on the balcony and garden for long periods of time! It doesn’t help; on the contrary, it would only make things worse.

Try instead to spend a lot of time with it. Obviously not it day after it has made a mess but gradually, making the walks last longer or even try spending a weekend outdoors with it. Not only will it help it detach a bit from its surrounding, but while it’s burning off all its excess energy, you are recharging. Remember, finally, that there are millions of indoor dogs who have access anywhere inside the house without causing problems. Just by working on your relationship with your pet, you’ll see results.