Dog barking at night in apartment building, what to do?

Dog barking at night

Having a dog barking at night all the time can really be a problem! Not to mention the barking dogs in the apartment building, which could possibly trigger some intense tenant disputes, and spoil relationships with neighbors! Fortunately in this case, we have some advice to give you! We discover the remedies for dogs that bark at night and many other useful tips to calm barking dogs in apartments!

Dog barking at night and dogs barking in apartments | The causes

dog barking at night can not only also disturb the deep sleep of your neighbors, but it could take a bite out of your wallet! That’s right, any public nuisance can be punished by sanctions and the owner, by law, is obliged to be vigilant in order to minimize noise that can cause disturbance to third parties, including dogs.

If you are wondering why your dog barks at night, most likely your friend is not a very peaceful dog, once again we will have to find the cause of the problem by asking some questions. Are you spending enough time with him? Do you provide physical activity during the day?

When you answer the first question, remember, that in 70% of cases, the dog barks at night (as in the day) to get your attention and if it is missing, you can be sure that your friend will never cease to disturb you and your neighborhood. Regarding the second question, the best way to understand this is comparing it to us. If we run the whole day in the gym or do hours after work, we will be able to sleep better at night than a lazy person who has accidentally fallen asleep at least three times during the day? We’re sure you already know the answer to this question, and we can assure you that the same thing pretty much goes for dogs.

dogs barking in apartments

Dog barking at night, what to do?

If your dog barks at night when you keep him in the garden, it is possible that he is barking to defend his territory. A territorial dog may become very protective and bark at the first sound or the first moving person or object he sees. The best solution in these cases is to minimize the visibility of our friend, if you have a fence, planting a hedge to obstruct your dog’s view or covering the opening with wooden beams could be a great idea!

However, if your furry friend is not a guard dog, why keep him outside? Take him home with you, not only will he not disturb the neighbors but can he protect you more closely, not to mention the fact that if you keep him outside you run the risk of having a neighbor do something unsavory to your barking dog, like giving him poison meatballs!

If you have a dog that barks at night in the apartment, check your windows- they might be open, in which case your friend can hear everything going on outside, but even closed windows can be a great source of distraction, and your dog may bark at everything he sees out the window! In this case, curtains can easily solve the problem.

Remedies for dogs barking in apartments

For the dogs barking in the apartment building, the concept does not change much from that of a dog kept outside in the garden. They may hear: a door slamming, keys rattling, footsteps of the neighbor above and so on. And if the dog barks at night but not during the day, it’s also no wonder! The answer is simple, at night, especially in a condo all sounds are amplified, the rooms are empty, the televisions are turned off, and silence reigns. Especially because dogs have such good hearing- everything is amplified!

If you scold the dog for barking, remember that it will not help, in fact it will encourage more and more, so you’re probably wondering, how to stop a barking dog? Simple: with the “Hush / Hush” command. If you still aren’t familiar with it, I’ll explain it briefly. As soon as the dog barks, given the word of your choice with a very strong and authoritative voice accompanying the command with the classic gesture of silence, which is bringing the index finger to your lips.

When it stops barking, wait a few minutes and reward him with a treat! If after half an hour the dog barks again, repeat the exercise!  But be careful that the dog doesn’t accidentally understand that he got a treat just because he is performing his role as watchdog well! It is important that dog associates the treat with his silence and not his barking.