Poisoned meatballs for dogs: How to train a dog not to eat from strangers?

poisoned meatballs for dogs prevention

As we hear about more and more cases of people leaving out poisoned meatballs for dogs, we have to wonder why this is becoming more and more common. More and more people, largely terrible and soulless people, dislike dogs so much that they want them dead. The evil reasons why they do it are always the same: dogs are dirty, dogs bark too much, etc… We discover how to defend ourselves from poisonous morsels and prevent the occurrence of such tragedies!

Poisoned meatballs for dogs, how to defend your dog?

Thanks to the intelligence of our dogs, we can prevent many cases of poisoning, the only thing we have to do is teach the dog not to eat the morsels given by strangers. To succeed in this training, it is obvious that we will have a very good relationship with our four-legged friend! The ideal would be to reach a level where the dog is waiting for your permission to eat.

The basis of these teachings there is the so-called “release:” it is an exercise linked to a “control” through which you give permission for your dog to do something. It’s easy to understand that if your dog is waiting for your permission to eat, you can teach him to do the same in front of anything “edible” even outside t he home. And it’s possible to train a dog not to eat from strangers when they are about 8 months old (that’s t he average age, obviously depending a lot on the breed and the individual dog.)

poisoned bait

How to train a dog not to eat from strangers

It will be really hard to provide you with detailed instructions on how to teach the dog to refuse poisoned bait in just a few short paragraphs. Each dog is a case in and of itself, but thanks to our little tips you will definitely have a great place to start! In the first place you should always try to correctly dose the amount of food you give your dog. You should also try to be the only person to feed your dog their main meals (treats are an exception.) Friends and relatives should be categorically forbidden to feed it to your dog. Finally, never, ever allow your dog to eat food from the ground. If you notice something interesting, tell him ‘no’ making him understand that he must not approach. Once you return from you ignoring the object , give him an approved treat!

As for dogs who are sometimes left unsupervised in the back yard to run around, there are old tricks! We’re talking about classic morsels filled with something that the dog does not like, such as lemon. Then hide something taste in the garden and add a piece of lemon inside, so that when the dog takes a bite he’ll spit it out right away! If our pet will associate morsels in the garden with something unpleasant, you can rest assured that your dog will be less likely to be a tempted by poisoned dog meatballs. If you have difficulties, follow the advice of a dog expert who is familiar with the appropriate techniques to discourage your dog from eating things off the ground! In any case, always keep your eyes peeled!