Disc dog training: how to start and how to play frisbee with the dog

disc dog

Very few people know the meaning of disc dog or dog disc. If in pronouncing these terms you are imagining a dog in the disco…well, that’s not quite right. Disc dog is a sport for dogs and their owners. It’s a very exciting game and, simply put, is essentially playing Frisbee with your dog! We find out more about this dog lover’s sport; how to get started, disk dog rules and how to play Frisbee with your dog the right way!

Disc dog training

On a beautiful sunny day, play Frisbee with your dog can be really rewarding and, above all, it is a great way to spend time in the company of our four-legged friends. But how to teach the dog to catch a Frisbee? First of all we have to understand the most important thing:  Frisbee for dogs. There are very many different types on the market, you can find beautiful ones in our online pet shop. Always remember that playing with a small Frisbee does not go well, the Frisbee for disc dogs is made with a special material that does not break and won’t damage the dog’s mouth. That being said, we find out how to play Frisbee with your dog!

dog frisbee training

How to play Frisbee with your dog

First of all, you’ll have to teach your dog what a Frisbee is. You’ll want your dog to associate the object with something pleasant, and (as with most things) you’ll need to introduce it to your dog gradually. Initially place the Frisbee on the grass, and roll it on the ground. In theory, your dog will chase after it and likely bring it back to you. Each time you do this you should increase the distance and keep at it for at least twenty minutes. Finally, it is time for the first launch! Start with short throws and especially do not throw the Frisbee directly at the dog or to the side on purpose. Remember that you also play a key role in this sport, so if you guys don’t get the hang of it immediately, do not blame the dog!

When your dog is able to catch the Frisbee and bring it back, the first few times reward him with a tasty treat! Never overdo your efforts, it takes patience, day by day you will see that your dog will become a true champion disc dog! Also remember that if the day is particularly hot, your friend will need to hydrate, so never forget to bring water!

dog frisbee competition

Disc Dog Rules

If you and your furry become professionals, here are some of the current rules of disc dog competitions:

  • Dog disc skyhoundz: In a field of 50 × 20 yards (45 × 18 meters) each participant has one minute to cast as many disks as possible to their dogs. To get points, the dog must catch the Frisbee before it hits the ground and at least over the first line of 10 yards (9 meters);
  • Dog disc dart bee: In this version, there is a ground target composed of 4 concentric circles drawn on the ground. The conductor makes three launches from a distance of 15 meters depending on the category and size of the dog. The score depends on the area where the dog lands with the front legs after grabbing the disc;
  • Disc dog freestyle: Each team shall receive a maximum of 90 seconds per round. The routine should last at least 60 seconds to be valid.

In our opinion, the freestyle disc dog is the most fascinating and rich choreography, but certainly the fun is not lacking for all three categories of disc dog! We hope you have fun out there!