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Cat facts to share with your friends! Cats are extraordinary, reserved and elegant animals that are capable of being sweet and affectionate. They are sometimes mysterious, and sometimes exuberant, but never commonplace in their behavior. We will discover a lot of information and fun facts about domestic cats by answering all your questions about cats…how many times, watching a cat, we thought that its attitude was silly or at the least extravagant? Or how many times have we asked ourselves what is passing through our cat’s head at any given moment..we don’t know, but we can connect many of their expressions to different moods.

We will learn that a cat does not take a single step which is not studied, never leaving anything to chance nor being approximate. We will learn how to better appreciate all their strange movements that reveal small anecdotes that not everyone knows, and quirks that are not in books. We will enter the fascinating world of felines to reveal that part of them that we can discover, with the awareness that a cat never completely shows itself, and we will never know them altogether.

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