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Training rabbits

Training rabbits? Of course you can! Our dwarf rabbits are little pets but they are very intelligent! This is why you can keep them in the house, because they learn the rules and are able to follow and respect them, if trained properly. Always take advantage of the advice of those who have experience or those who are experts in training of an animal. We will discover how to teach a rabbit to use a litter box, how to train a rabbit to be in the house and many other small contrivances.

If we give them our trust, our little friends will surprise us with their abilities, we will be surprised to see how easily they learn, and they are happy to do what is required of them. What’s essential is to respect their times and our little bunnies’ personalities, and without attempting to alter their habits we can find compromises that will allow us to get along and love them and live together happily. We will learn about the qualities of our small bunnies- they are extraordinary creatures!

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