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Rabbit breeds

All Rabbit breeds! We will discover together that there are many breeds of bunnies, many more than we imagine! We will have the pleasure to learning about many breeds of domestic rabbits such as the Angora rabbit, giant rabbits and many other breeds of dwarf rabbits, such as the Lionhead dwarf rabbit and the Holland Lop dwarf rabbits. Our bunnies are each one sweeter than the next, and it is possible to differentiate between their physical characteristics and peculiarities characteristics.

In fact, we will discover all the details of every breed, their attitudes and their habits. Photographs and small anecdotes will help us to better understand and visualize various breeds, so as to be able to best choose the bunny that you like the most and adopt it. We will depart to discover bunnies, because doesn’t have to be a dog or a cat, the world of rabbits is very broad and is just waiting to be discovered!

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