How to train your dog where to take care of business if he goes potty inside

How to teach your dog where to take care of business

What if the dog pees in the house? This is perhaps the most common question that is posed by novice dog owners! If we say that the dog makes a mess in the house, from his point of view is probably not true, especially if it is a puppy. For example, carpets are very popular with our friends, just because it is a kind of furnishing that looks a lot like a field. Many people, however, find themselves in serious difficulties with the droppings of their dogs and do not know precisely how to contain the problem, and in an effort to fix the problem simply makes it worse. So, we discover how to teach the dog where to take care of business!

Why do dogs pee in the house

First you need to remember that when you first bring home a puppy is normal that it is unable to contain himself. This also it applies to infants, who spend their first year of life (more or less) with a diaper. To claim that a puppy will retain or understand the difference between soiling in the house and doing their potty outside, at only a few months old and without explaining it in a language they can understand, means that we feel intellectually superior to the dog.

In the first period it is necessary to be patient, remove the carpets and if the dog messes in the house, do not scold him or utilize intimidating behaviors (like rubbing their nose in it). To teach the dog where do go potty, your friend must feel confident he can go in front of you. If the dog thinks that his potty is something distasteful for you: he will simply do it someplace where he doesn’t think you’ll see it!

So if you are wondering how to train the dog to go outside, first remember that a dog on a leash cant hide from you. If your dog refuses to go outside when you’re around, he is obviously intimidated by you and as soon as you return from the walk you’ll definitely have a dog that pees in the house, maybe just behind your favorite curtain!

dogs pee in the house

How to teach your dog where to take care of business

The ideal would be to take out the puppy as much as possible in the first 15 days (especially in at-risk moments: morning, after he eats, and in the evening) and reward him when he does potty outside, telling him how good he is and giving him a treat. Some ethnologists advise  against the use absorbent mats for dogs or incontinence pads as they may be a hard habit to wean them off of. Actually our dogs are able to understand fully the difference between going potty outside and going inside the house. In any case, if you think about it, knowing how to teach the dog to potty outside is very useful, akin to teaching a cat about where the litterbox is!

In fact it can happen to anyone – maybe you’re not able to take out the dog because you got out of the office later or you are very sick. If you know how to train a dog to go potty outside, you will not be anxious thinking about your four-legged friend with his bladder about to explode. Some ethnologists also claim that we should not clean up our dogs mess in front of the puppy, as the dog may consider this gesture as a form of attention and do it again.

To clean the carpets from dog pee never use products containing chlorine or ammonia as they stimulate the dog to go there again! If your adult dog is peeing in the house, maybe because it was taken recently from a shelter, you have to have a little more patience… This is because your friend has been locked up in a cage until recently, where he couldn’t help peeing indoors! But be assured that after a while your dog will understand perfectly well where to do his poops and will also be happy to do his business outside!