Dog training school, dog trainers, and practicing at home

dog training school

At the base of all the tips that you can read in our pet blog, about dog training and their education; some techniques you can learn by attending a dog-training center. In fact only a dog lover and a good trainer will be able advise you correctly given the individual case and background of your furry friend.

Why go to a dog-training center?

If we are honest with ourselves, we know that sometimes our dogs have a lot to learn, but we need a little help figuring out how to teach them. So before you train the dog, we will need to learn to communicate with him, study canine language, and understand dog behavior. Only then can we establish with him the great trust needed in order to become the perfect doggy leader.

To achieve this we will need a great deal of patience, but above all consistently. The latter, more often than not, is really hard to maintain without the outside help of a canine educator. Unlike us, our four-legged friends the other hand, are extremely consistent in all their behavior:  there is always a precise reason behind their every action and gesture!

dog training center

Dog trainers and exercises to do at home

We often hear people complain that their dog does not learn anything when it is taken to a training school or perhaps point to the fact that with the ‘educator canine  their furry friend is very good, but when they return home they go back to the same behavior as before. Have you ever wondered why this happens? Well, we’ll tell you… So many people claim that it is enough to bring your dog to “school” to make it a perfect dog. But let us pause for a moment and try to think of someone closer to home, such as children. Do you think that without the proper exercises at home, a child can quickly learn to read and write? How can we expect a dog, only after 10 hours of training, to learn and remember their lessons?

We all consider our four legged friends to be very intelligent animals, but perhaps in this case we’re exaggerating a bit … When you attend a dog training center, not only you will have to carefully follow the instructions given by the dog trainer or educator but you’ll have to practice the training at home with your dog !

For example, consider the basic commands, such as sit, down, and come (which by the way are also the most important). After learning the technique to teach them, we will have to practice at least 10 minutes for 30 days afterwards- we cannot expect the dog to learn a command in one session! Therefore, if you don’t have the time to consider the training lessons at home, you might as well not even go to a dog training school. It’s important for the dog trainer and your dog to have a relationship, but the more important one is the one between you and your dog!