Dog eating poop: remedies and tips | Why do dogs eat their own feces?

dog eating poop

Dog Coprophagia, or a dog that eats its own feces or that of other animals, is one of the behaviors that causes the most concern among dog lovers. In fact, if a dog eats his feces there is nothing strange about it! In the past this behavior was attributed to food shortages. Since most pet dogs nowadays have plenty to eat but still continue to eat their own poop, there must be other underlying causes for this gross behavior. We find out why dogs eat poop and propose some remedies to correct this curious habit of our furry friends!

Why do dogs eat their own feces?

In most cases, the dogs eat feces of herbivores because they are rich in fiber, but not only. It is not so uncommon to see a dog eating poop of the cat , the latter of which have feces that are rich in protein. Let us remember, however, that the cat feces are harmful for our four-legged friends, so if you see him struggling with this type of thing you should put a stop to it immediately! If you are strolling in a park with your dog and you see it running at full speed towards a poop, be assured that it will definitely be human; the reason is easy to understand given the variety of foods we eat.

If the dog eats feces of other dogs, it is often only because according to his amazing judgment as “dog-gourmet”, consider the most “fragrant feces”, this because of the flavoring and appetizing compounds contained within dog food. In fact, dogs eating feces are programmed by nature to do so, because when food is scarce it can save their lives. If you have a puppy that eats feces, the motivations are slightly more varied and complex.

Puppies explore the world around them with their mouths and have a tendency to swallow anything they can get their paws on-this is common knowledge! If your puppy eats their feces or that of other animals it might simply be because they are bored. For example if the puppy is left alone for too long, this “bad habit” increases precisely because of lack of stimulation and social engagement.  Weak puppies, unable to feed themselves adequately in food competition with their littermates, could compensate by eating their own feces and those of other dogs.

how to stop dog from eating poop

Dog eating poop remedies | How to stop dog from eating poop

If the dog eats feces, contrary to what many people think, it is important not to scold him by rubbing his nose in it. It ‘something totally wrong from the point of view of’ canine training, because the dog might either think that you are encouraging him to eat it, or might just eat the poop because he thinks that making the poop disappear will solve the problem!

The solutions on how to get your dog to stop eating feces are closely linked to individual dog, each is a case in itself, so also remember that a veterinary examination can help you to be sure that there are no physiological reasons why your dog is doing this. In the event of food shortages, administering highly digestible foods combined with the minerals for dogs can easily solve the problem. Often the behavior of a dog eating poop can also be a symptom of pancreatic insufficiency or gastritis. A poor diet based on very digestible foods could lead to problems of assimilation.

However, there are some general tips to correct this bad habit, let’s list a few! First of all be careful what you are feeding your dog, and remember to feed them at least 2 or 3 times a day. If the dog’s belly is empty, he will eat anything he can, including junk! Avoid long periods of inactivity; always give him something to play with or something to munch on. Finally if your dog grabs something he shouldn’t and you try to take it away, remember that you might get the opposite effect- your dog could swallow even faster! In these cases teaching the dog the command “leave it” becomes essential.