Is it good to sleep in bed with your dogs? What does science tell us?

Is it good to sleep in bed with your dogs

While life for owners and their dogs are relatively quiet and very common, scientists never seem to agree and are constantly squabbling about the lives of dogs and their owners! In particular, this time, science has attempted to find out if sleeping with the dog on the bed is good for the dog and good for our health as humans! Let’s find out the results of this research!

Living with a dog is good for your health!

Several studies suggest that having a dog at home improves human health! Many studies, in fact, argue that living with the dog can only bring benefits. Think for example how much we walk in the company of our canine friends, who are an excellent way to promote physical activity and to combat a sedentary lifestyle. Recently it was also found that the kissing a dog could be as good for us as a yogurt, or at least that’s a recent survey by the University of Arizona wanted to prove.

On the other hand however, there are studies that tell u that we should limit our physical contact with our dogs, arguing that humans could contract diseases … Undoubtedly only when our 4-legged friend is poorly taken care of and with obvious health problems. The American Health Association has launched a warning against anyone who likes to sleep with dogs, stating that it is disadvantageous to both humans and dogs. Their thesis is that the human beings do not sleep well and can be prone to allergies, and that sleeping together may not guarantee a peaceful sleep for either party.

The other problem is t hat dogs have tendency to wake up over the slightest noise. Finally it is pointed out that if you get to sleep with the dog on the bed, it will be much harder to take away this vice in case you change your mind in the future. Obvious dog lovers who love to sleep with the dog on the bed have a little something to say about it and claim they suffer no discomfort!

What we think about letting your dog sleep with you

The results of scientific research do not appear to offer any good reason to not sleep with the dog on the bed , but fortunately we are all endowed with intelligence, judgment, and above all free will. Those who share their lives with a dogs in the house, know very well that our furry friends likes to sleep with us, especially on our bed! That said, it is a little strange if you force your dog to sleep there if he doesn’t want to!

Remember that it is up to you, and only you can decide whether or not to sleep with the dog on the bed or not. If you have never had any problems and you take care of the hygiene of your furry friend then do not be influenced by the media and prejudices. For example, it would be unwise to fear of being affected by allergies of which you have never suffered because some random association tells you that is bad for you, if you engage in other activities that risk your health (smoking, drinking, etc.) So remember- do whatever you think is best and whatever works for you and your dog! In the end, those two things are all that matter!