Jack Russell Terrier Dog Breed standard, Temperament & Characteristics

Jack russell terrier

The jack russell terrier … a wonderful and tireless dog! We discover all the features of Jack Russell Terrier- their temperment, history and the most famous Jack Russells of the cinema and novels!

Origins and history of the Jack Russell Terrier

It all begins in Devon (England) when, in the 19th century, Reverend John Russell decided to create a hunting dog breed that could hunt in dens- especially foxes and badgers, which can be very fierce if attacked. He then started crossing the descendants of the English White Terrier with the Bulldog. The result of this mix gave birth to a very brave dog and, thanks to the subsequent addition of the Beagle, an extraordinary hunting ability. Reverend John Russell did not stop there: he wanted a dog that could contend even with the aggressive badger; so to increase their courageiness, he also added the genes of the Border Terrier and Lakeland Terrier. And so the Parson Jack Russell Terrier was born!

Jack Russell Terrier dog breed standard

Those who have a Jack Russell Terrier knows their characteristics can be summarized schematically and reductively in three points:

  • It is a small dog with the soul of a lion: they are courageous and unlikely to back down, even if confronted with a Tyrannosaurs Rex;
  • They never tire, and play continuously as if they had the rechargeable batteries;
  • When they see a ball they cannot resist the temptation to play with it!

The underlying reason is that the Jack Russell is a Terrier was bred to hunt foxes, as well as other small rodents. Indeed they are small enough to dive into fox holes, and not only: their small size allowed the hunters of foxes (the unreasonable chasing the inedible, as Oscar Wilde put it) to carry the dogs in special pockets attached to their horse’s saddle. The Jack Russell Terrier is often confused with the Parson Russell Terrier and poorly bred Jack Russells that are often passed off as purebred, but aren’t.

The main difference between the Parson Russell Terrier and Jack Russell, to put it in a nutshell, is the height: the first is taller than the second (30-36 cm with a weight of 5.9 / 7.7 kg compared to 25-30 cm and a weight of 5-6 kg). The main confusion was born from the fact that the breeds were often bred together illicitly, creating some dogs with long legs and others with short legs. In reality there is no difference between long and short-legged ones- the Jack Russell Terrier is one, unique and inimitable.

jack russel dog breed

Jack Russell care, nutrition

The coat of the Jack Russell Terrier should be brushed following the direction of hair growth, just a few minutes a day. We must pay special attention to the care of the dog’s nails; if they grow too long they could cause injury or infection. Regarding diet, we can state that they do not require any special care. As with all dogs, they require a healthy and balanced diet, closely related to their lifestyle. If you just took a Jack Russell puppy you may want to continue feeding the same food that the breeder fed them, at least for a while.

Jack Russell Terrier Temperament

The character of Jack Russell is compatible with many people but not all! Let’s see who is recommended:

  • Jack Russells were bred to be hunting dogs and herding dogs, and those instincts don’t go away just because they aren’t used for that purpose anymore. If you don’t have the time to exercise your dog and tire him out, don’t get a Jack Russell!
  • Jack Russells are tireless dogs, especially Jack Russell puppies, and if they are kept home alone all day they can become stressed and damage the house. Despite being a small dog, they have the strength of a bulldozer and then you might find the house renovated by them;
  • The Jack Russellshould not be purchased a toy for children, they are not very patient dogs and are therefore not on the top of the list of suitable dogs for children;

They are very active dogs. If you are a couch potato, consider getting a pug, which make me more suited to your lifestyle.

Jack Russell breeders and pricing

Among humans there are many “foxes” and many chickens, the latter may unwittingly pay over 1000 Euros for a Jack Russell. There are a lot of people out there who breed mixes and pass them off as purebred dogs. It’s important not to get too mixed up in these formalities, and just enjoy the incredible character of the Jack Russell. But, as always, if you want to buy a Jack Russell puppy, you should only do so from a reputable and registered breeder.

Jack russell price

Famous Jack Russells

There is no doubt that the Jack Russell is a true star, thanks to their sympathy, intelligence and vivacity. Indeed, they are the protagonists of several novels and movies:

  • In the film ” My Dog Skip” based on the autobiographical book by Willie Morris;
  • In Spanish film, “Pongo the dog Millionaire” (Pancho, el perro millonario) director Tom Fernandéz;
  • Milo The Mask dog, successful film starring Jim Carrey;
  • The Artist by Michel Hazanavicius” Uggie the dog that starred in the film has left footprints in the Hollywood Walk of Fame and received the Golden Collar Awards in 2012;
  • Very Happy Alexander” is the dog and Philippe Noiret is called Kali;
  • Body Guards – Body Guards” is the Anna Falchi dog ;
  • Crimson Tide,” with Gene Hackman and Denzel Washington, a the dog named “Bear” is the commander of the US nuclear submarine;
  • In the Australian film “Accident“;
  • Babe: Pig in the City” , the sympathetic Flealick is a Jack Russell;
  • Beginners” by Ewan McGregor;
  • Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix” the Patronus Ron Weasley is a Jack Russell;
  • Hotel for Dogs“;
  • Paul Blart: Mall“;
  • In the italian movie ” Qualunquemente” by Antonio Albanese;
  • Second Spring” with Nino Frassica;
  • Superman III” Lana Lang’d son’s dog is a Jack Russell;
  • In the film “Water for Elephants“.

jack russell puppies

Jack Russells in Novels

  • A Jack Russell is the hero of the autobiographical novel by Giuseppe Pederiali “Love According to Nula“. The whole story is in fact seen and described by a Jack Russell Terrier;
  • The protagonist of the series of books for children “Jack Russell: Dog Detective Darrell ” and “Sally Odgers ” published by Scholastic.

Jack Russell Terriers on television

  • They appear in the sketch of “the house of freedom” in the satirical program “The eighth dwarf “;
  • In the TV series “Frasier ” the father of the main character Martin Crane jas a Jack Russel whose name is Eddie;
  • A Jack Russell is the presenter of the French dog Christophe Dechavanne in TF1 broadcasts;
  • A Jack Russell is the dog of the television series “Tales of the Gold Monkey“;
  • A Jack Russell is the star of the TV show ” Wishbone”