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Dog breeds with photos and descriptions! Every dog breed has physical characteristics and personality traits that distinguish it from the others, making every dog unique. We will see the peculiarities that distinguish them and the characteristics that unite them, discovering the crossbreeding done in the past that was important in the formation of the characteristics of each dog. We will have the pleasure of getting to know the German Shepherd, the Pug, the tireless Jack Russell, our friends the Labrador and the golden retriever, the elegant cocker spaniel, the most famous hounds and many other canine breeds.

We will discover the characteristic of purebred dogs and the physical characteristics of small dogs, like Maltese or poodles, as well as large dogs like Great Danes or San Bernards! We will discover the origins of every breed, providing its history and fun facts, provenance and standards. No matter the breed or size, each of them is special and we will give them all the attention they deserve!

Rat Terrier

Rat Terrier information and standards: the all-American breed

The first evidence of a dog that was used for hunting mice goes back to "Hatch", a dog that was brought aboard the flagship...
collie dog

Collie Dog Breed Temperament, Information & Facts

Who does not know the Collie ... aka as the Scotch Collie, best known thanks to the legendary Lassie that has enchanted generations of children and adults with...
Jack russell terrier

Jack Russell Terrier Dog Breed standard, Temperament & Characteristics

The jack russell terrier ... a wonderful and tireless dog! We discover all the features of Jack Russell Terrier- their temperment, history and the...

Doberman temperament and information about Dobermans

We are going to discover one of the more elegant and classy canine breeds, the Doberman! We will discover their origins, the characteristics of...
basenjii dog

Basenji temperament and information on the Congo Dog

The Basenji, also called the Congo dog, is considered the most cat-like of all the dog breeds. We discover the characteristics of this wonderful dog breed, the character...