How to play with your dog and breed-specific dog games

how to play with your dog

How to play with your dog? Playing with our best four-legged friends is a fundamental activity through which the dog learns and develops its cognitive potential. We discover games to play with the dog and the best dog games.

Games to play with the dog

  • Predatory games: based on chasing a moving object (ball, Frisbee etc.);
  • Competitive games: based on strength, like tug of war;
  • Collaborative games: such as fetch which strengthens the relationship between dog and owner;
  • Search games: develop the dogs sense of smell and his desire to explore the world around him;
  • Brain games for dogs: help dogs developed problem solving capabilities.

Depending on the type of game you play, you will develop key trends in the puppy, so the choice and frequency must be evaluated carefully based on the characteristics of individual breeds. An excess of predatory games, especially with objects that resemble other animals can increase the typical predatory instinct of certain breeds of dogs (such as the border collie). Similarly, competitive games, like tug of war, can adversely affect breeds of dogs predisposed to competition (such as the Rottweiler.) We’re obviously talking about excesses, that is, when the puppies play exclusively in that particular way.

How to play with your dog

The games to play with the dog must therefore vary as much as possible and be carried out in a moderate way bearing in mind the following rules:

  • Games should be played using an object, such as a toy;
  • Games are played only in certain contexts;
  • Games are played in as set way (and you decide).

Collaborative games, fetch games, and puzzle games usually won’t create any problems and are suitable for all breeds because they develop social skills and invite your four-legged friend to solve certain problems and use his cognitive skills.