Thursday, 9 December, 2021
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All about dogs ! We believe that we know everything about our four-legged best friends, however we will find out so many new things together! The Dog (Canis lupus familiaris) is a mammal descended from the wolf and since it has been domesticated, it has undoubtedly become man’s best friend. But where does the exclusive relationship that exists between man and dog come from? We will discover together, taking a trip back to distant times, to discover how our ancestors selected many breeds of dogs in order to keep us company but especially to help us carry out very diverse tasks.

News and information about dogs will be on the agenda, we will have ample space dedicated to all dog lovers to provide advice and fun facts about the world of dogs: from canine discipline to dog training, and from socialization to feeding your dog even caring for your pet. Plus, you can find out about all dog breeds, their physical characteristics and personality traits, in addition to a lot of useful advice regarding your dog’s health and its puppies.

emotions in animals

Negative and Positive Emotions in Animals

There are events for which our dog turns on like a light bulb, and takes special provisions in response to events that are going...
Dog Hygiene

Dog hygiene vs squeamish people | Let’s meet the ‘anti-dog’ people

Those who have dogs and walk them regularly will have a hard time not running into the so called anti-dog hygienic people. Using this...
dangerous dogs

Dangerous dogs: why dogs become aggressive and types of aggression

We hear so much about the different forms of aggression in dogs without ever really analyzing the reasons that push a dog to become...
dog socialization

Dog Socialization, how to Socialize Dogs and Puppies

Dog socialization, tips and suggestions! Many do not know that dogs are social animals who are equipped with highly complex social relations as they...

Doberman temperament and information about Dobermans

We are going to discover one of the more elegant and classy canine breeds, the Doberman! We will discover their origins, the characteristics of...
dog destroys house

Dog destroys house? Remedies and advice for destructive dog behavior

Have you got a little four legged hurricane at home? We will find out what to do if your dog destroys house, trying to...
dog growling at owner

Dogs who growl at their owners. Why is my dog growling at me?

Generally, dogs growl to warn us t hat they have arrived at the limit of their patience- a very specific message that can be addressed to...
Holidays with your dog

Holidays with your dog, where to go on vacation with Fido?

When it comes to taking a vacation, one of the biggest concerns for pet lovers is to find out where to go on vacation with...
dog depression

Dog sad and depressed? Symptoms and treatment of depression in dogs

Do you have a sad dog and don’t know what to do to make him better? We know that depression is a mood disorder characterized by fatigue,...
how to stop dog barking at other dogs

How to stop dog barking at other dogs and why he do it!

One of the problems dog lovers sometimes face is how to stop dog barking at other dogs. In fact during walks our friend often...